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Love Shanghai is the same as a city

The cake that wipe tea is in now is a kind of very common cake, for very busy to a lot of jobs person, the cake that wipe tea also is the main part in their breakfast food taken late at night. The cake that wipe tea is sweet and exquisite, when the mood is bad, eat the cake that wipe tea to return can effectiveSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Help mood of your be pacified, blood pressure drops in the meantime. Although the cake that wipe tea is delicate, but can use a few simple tools to be able to be made already good-looking the person of delicious cake is very few still.

How is the cake that wipe tea done delicious

Raw material:

Cream Cheese (butyric cheese) 150 grams / Butter (butter) 40g of 15g of low pink of 20g/ of corn flour of 6g/ of the 100g/ milk 150g, pink that wipe tea, yoke (about 2) / fine saccharic 35g, albumen 120 (about 3) / fine saccharic 70g.

How is the cake that wipe tea done delicious


1, overcome material Cream Cheese150 / 150g of Butter 100g/ milk lies between water to heat melt, mix is even;

2, material wipes tea pink 6gFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
/ corn flour 20g/ mixes after sift out of low pink 15g Zhi person is burnt, rejoin yoke and 35 grams are fine saccharic;

3, albumen adds candy to be hit to wet sex epispastic, cent second mix Zhi person panada;

4, join panada the model, oven warm-up 150 degrees, hot water is roast 30 bells, put out suffer from excessive internal heat to continue roast 30 minutes.

1, electric meal Bao

2, the beater that the hand uses (dynamoelectric more very)

3, bowls big two


1, egg 4

How is the cake that wipe tea done delicious

2, flour 100 grams (among them inside join 10 grams starch, the muscle that can reduce a range so is spent, better with cake pink) ;

3, candy 100 grams;

4, 12.5g of the pink that wipe tea;


1, in putting egg yolk and albumen departure into two big bowls respectively (this kind of method canForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Shorten agitate makes time, agree with the hand moves beater) ;

2, candy 1/3 is put into yoke, 2/3 is put into albumen;

3, agitate hits yoke agitate to become flaxen can (general agitate went 1 minute) ; Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

4, agitate hits record of butter of albumen agitate formation of a imagine (hit albumen to rise in the ability in hand needle, this time can want to grow, there is egg fluid in hitting a bowl till, this measure depends on directly the quality of cake, if fluid having an egg is returned to be able to make cake bilges not to rise in the bowl, and make egg cake) ;

5, flour (had sifted) in putting yoke, gently agitate all (agitate can make the face produces muscle too suddenlyFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
Spend, influence cake quality) , after agitate is over, you can discover the face is round arrive one case (need not add water) ;

6, put the pink that wipe tea and albumen 5 medium agitate all

7, after egg oar gets ready, can wipe an oil inside electric meal Bao, go in egg oar. The cap on the lid, the rice cooker that press report ” cook ” pushbutton, 2-3 waits again after jumping to heat preservation minute, cook by again, can smell in a few minutes the fragrance of a cake, open lid, the surface is buff, a bit taller than growing so, use chopstick stand sth on end, if stamp must go in, and the chopstick did not stick egg oar, it is OK to express.

8, put cool hind, can wait to be acted the role of into luggage with bright butter.

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