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Have a lot of, this among them a lot of people are oedema model fat, this kind of person must notice on food, cannot eat the food with the high volume that contain sodium among them, because this is these people to recommend potato, contain a lot ofpotassium element tomato patch, and contain sodium measure very low, suit oedema fat crowd to eat very much tomato patch so, it is beef burns potato below the practice of this dish.

Does beef burn potato how to make gift delicious?

The first, beef burns potato


Tomato patch 2 (make an appointment with 400g) , sirlon 500g, anise 3, cassia bark 1, sweet leaf 2, ketchup 20g, soy, cooking wine each 2 spoon (30ml) , carrot 1, green Chinese onion 1 paragraph, laojiang 1 (make an appointment with 5g) , salt 1 teaspoon (5g) , water 1500ml

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Nan is rinsed clean with cold water, cut the diamonds of 3cm size.

Potato and carrot expurgation are cortical, abluent hind the hob that cuts 3cm size piece stand-by. Old Jiang Qie becomes chip.

Will beef piece is put into the stockpot, the cold water that adds full amount (water quantity crosses beef piece to be with complete immersion accurate) , add of succeed of boil of big baked wheaten cake is boiled make 2 minutes, the foam that need blood washs rice completely after going out, will beef piece fish out.

Will beef piece is put into arenaceous boiler, join anise, cassia bark, sweet leaf, soy, cooking wine, ketchup, green Chinese onion paragraph with old Jiang Pian, then water infuse in arenaceous boiler, small fire turns to stew 60 minutes slow after boil of big baked wheaten cake.

Finally potato hob piece with carrot hob piece is put into arenaceous boiler, transfer into again salt, mix even hind continue to stew with small fire boil 20 minutes can.

Does beef burn potato how to make gift delicious?

The 2nd, burn beef practice tomato patch 2


Beef 350 grams, tomato patch 250 grams, onion 150 grams, carrot 20 grams, fabaceous horn 2, white sugar 1 spoon (15 grams) , often draw 1 spoon (15ml) , cooking wine 1 spoon (15ml) , salt 1 teaspoon (5 overcome)


1. preparation material

After water of boiler of 2. beef high pressure leaves, press 10 minutes

3. potato cuts hob piece, the bath that use Qing Dynasty drops starch, bubble reserves in water, onion section, carrot cuts small, both ends of fabaceous horn take out, cut 5 centimeters to grow paragraphs small

4. general beef cuts flake

Oil is put in 5. boiler, enter beef to break up fry

6. enters onion, carrot, potato

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7. is put into condiment and right amount water

8. water is boiled to about the same when, enter fabaceous horn, boil a little while a bit can

Does beef burn potato how to make gift delicious?

The 3rd, burn beef practice tomato patch 3


Beef 1 chunkA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, tomato patch 10, anise 2, garlic 4, ginger 4, chopped green onion, oyster sauce 3 big spoon, soup-stock 3 bowls, cooking wine 2 big spoon, sesame oil 1 small spoon, salt, candy and gourmet powder each a few


1, husk tomato patch abluent cut half soggy reserve, beef abluent cut chunk to cross water to reserve.

2, the boiler that heat up oil explodes sweet the head of garlic, anise, ginger and dry chili, put beef to explode into boiler conflagration again fry, add oyster sauce to be fried again;

3, wine of feed in raw material fries moment again, add soup-stock namely, bubble is scooped up after burning boil, turn small fire is stewed when rotting to maturity, can put be buried ancient stemmed cup or bowl;

4, wait for beef and potato ripe sodden as small as bovril stiff when, put salt, candy and gourmet powder to flavor, drip again sesame oil can be installed dish, asperse some of chopped green onion to be able to give food finally.

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