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A lot of people like to eat jerk particularly, and the jerk of unconscious inside our country area is the whole nation is famed, but the price of jerk is more expensive, so a lot of families meet him to make jerk, the jerk that we buy in the market, make through the method of airing commonly, and the condition that there is airing in the home, with respect to the method that can use deepfry only, so how is deepfry jerk done?

 The practice of deepfry jerk

How to abstain jerk

Material: Flesh of bovine hind leg, salt, green, ginger, candy

1, choose pork of high grade and fresh bovine hind leg, get rid of goes muscle film, cut the strip; with proper size

2, salt, green, ginger, candy puts bowls of small attune to change, condiment and beef together souse 12 hours of;

3, send to beef skin in ventilated place airing hard, according to area and seasonal air dry degree differs, average time is 1 control; to 3 days

4, add the beef after airing oily boiler flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil ripe perhaps bake with oven ripe, attention1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Scamper when oil is lukewarm not too tall. Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The practice of jerk of the five spices

Material: Fresh beef 500 grams, thick chili sauce, pink of Chinese prickly ash, candy, salt, soy, anise, cassia bark, big sweet, clove all a few.

1, beef cuts man, pink of mixture soy, Chinese prickly ash, anise, cassia bark, big the flavor souse such as sweet, clove 2 hours, avoid by all means puts saline;

2, water is added to burn heat inside boiler, beef man and the mixture of flavor are put after water boil, 10 minutes of; are stewed with medium baking temperature after conflagration boils 20 minutes

3, edible oil is joined to burn heat inside another boiler, add improvement of 3 spoon candy, put beef man, pink of new anise, clove, Chinese prickly ash, break up soy touch is added after frying, thick chili sauce. Fry ceaselessly next, the feeling worked to put saline touch quite really, remove boiler;

 The practice of deepfry jerk

Attention, whole process must not have water, from inside water from jerk fish out should accuse to do moisture, in hermetically sealed can is being loaded after having pot.

Abstain the skill of jerk

1, the jerk that many people are made is done not haveShanghai night net

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Crisp feeling, the entrance does not change broken bits, this is likelySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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It is to choose expect not essence of life, fail to choose clean lean lean, sth resembling a net of fat, muscle is contained in the flesh1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Material of and so on. For instance, beef of shadow of the lamp that make must choose lean beef of good essence of life. Additional, still having may be fail to use up muscle film get rid of when treatment, arrogant perhaps cutlet is cut too thickly.

2, also need on the time of the jerk that make strict accuse, deepfry temperature and time want enough, must bovine cutletNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Thin, blast is appeared. The airing time of airing beef needs a basis of weather dry will decide with the circumstance of sunshine, it is commonly 1 control to 3 days, will decide according to the actual weather situation of each district.

 The practice of deepfry jerk

3, the jerk that make is unfavorable spice is too much, advocate the guest is easy. Jerk is give priority to with beef, complementary the food with a variety of condiment. However a few people however often condiment over advocate makings, especially oily chili is put too much, as a result masked the spicy crisp sense of beef, masked the color of jerk itself, sweet, flavour.

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