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Some people can feel when eating towel gourd contain a few agonized, still had better be not absorbed below this kind of circumstance, because become bitter to still meet what some harm to the body of people later when towel gourd, it is even may broken, saying so had better not eat, nevertheless also a few towel gourd are metLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Agonized, because itself photosynthesis is not so enough,be, bring about towel gourd to become bitter.

 Towel gourd suffering is what reason

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It is bitter

Likelihood one of reasons:

Towel gourd was not filled minute of illumination between growth period, thereby photosynthesis degree is insufficient, bring about maturity towel gourd is agonized

Likelihood of the reason:

Towel gourd and balsam pear mix cultivate, in insect pollination process, towel gourd is awardedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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is the pollen of balsam pear, bring about towel gourd to send suffering

Likelihood of the reason:

Towel gourd is gone to by the injury in the process of fertilization, also may bring about towel gourd to become bitter

 Towel gourd suffering is what reason

Had planted plant in the ground of balsam pear towel gourd, towel gourd can become bitter, such saying that be opposite. Plant root system undertakes ionForum of Shanghai night net

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Exchange adsorptive phenomenon. As a result of before balsam pear uses its root system contain bitter ionic (alkaloid) , in exchange soil other the ion that contains nutrient element, as time passes, had planted there can be this kinds a lot of to contain in the ground soil of balsam pear bitter alkaloid is ionic, the towel gourd that be the same as manage also passes ion exchange adsorption to carry this kind of ion into body inside, towel gourd becomes bitter. Some towel gourd are long be in the place with cany dense leaf, they do not have sufficient photosynthesis to also can be brought about between growth period become bitter!

Discover towel gourd has acrid, do not continue edible, this is to avoid to bear hardships the means with toxic and best towel gourd. Before eating towel gourd, had better lick the towel gourd flesh of flay with the tongue, have acrid cannot edible. If be to fry ripe towel gourd,discovery has acrid, should throw away the other edibles inside boiler of towel gourd along with together do not eat.

 Towel gourd suffering is what reason

Normal towel gourd taste is not bitter, be opposite after edible the body is good, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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But sufferingLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Flavor is retained in toxic risk after towel gourd edible, alkaloid of a kind of alkaline glucoside is contained in bitter towel gourd, very difficult purify also is after heating, after edible, may come in half hours toxic symptom can appear inside number hour. Toxic lighter is meeting occurrence mouth dry, dazed, disgusting, lack of power, be addicted to sleeps, serious word is met angina of vomiting, abdomen, diarrhoea, dehydrate, carry purulent blood minatory even life.

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