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The night of summer comes a dish of appetizing hemp hot crayfish and a bottle of beer of iced, be one again the business that bright does not pass. Shanghai noble baby

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But the crayfish with because hemp is hot medium crayfish is aquatic product of a kind of aquatic product, it is ground of famous helminth live away from home, completely antiseptic degree should be reached when because this is in,making hemp hot crayfish. If crayfish is boiled,make time too short, make helminth possibly complete return existence crayfish in. How long is the need in the process of hot crayfish boiled in the hemp that make so?

Hemp hot crayfish should be boiled how long

One, hemp hot crayfish is boiled how to long be comparedFall in love with the sea

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Hemp hot crayfish boils ten minutes to reach minute of ten bell above to had been compared. Hemp hot crayfish is a kind be polluted extremely easily by water systemForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Food, because this can have the thing of helminth and so on exist likely, of short time boil to cannot kill insect suction blood, but the helminth after boiling those who come ten minutes can be killed, because this hemp hot crayfish is boiled,had compared to 10 minutes.

Hemp hot crayfish should be boiled how long

2, of hemp hot crayfishPractice

1.A few days are raised with clear water after buying crayfish, change water frequently, what get on crayfish is silty clean clean.

2. shifts to an earlier date scrub of Jiang Xiaolong shrimp is clean, head take out, branchial take out, inside alvine take out, rinse with clear water.

3. prepares green paragraph, Jiang Si, garlic, young red any of several hot spice plants, onion, thick broad-bean sauce, Chinese prickly ash

4. burns oily boiler heat, any of several hot spice plants of millet of next silk that enter ginger, garlic, Chinese prickly ash explodes sweet, join onion to break up fry a few times, rejoin thick broad-bean sauce fries a red oil.

5. joins crayfish and rock candy directly, break up together fry chromatically, after taking color to become angry, join green Chinese onion, white pepper, unripe smoke etc break up fry even.

6. is fried sweet later join beer, did not cross crayfish can, small fire turns after big baked wheaten cake leaves, stew directly boil.

When 7. waits for soup juice to receive juice to the half to control, can join celery, caraway, purple perilla to wait flavor vegetable.

8. conflagration receives juice, leave juice of a bit soup can.

Hemp hot crayfish should be boiled how long

3, eat hemp hot crayfish to want what to notice
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1. eats hemp hot crayfish to cannot be mixed pomegranate, grape. The food with the tan more acid content such as bamboo shoot, persimmon an edible, content of complexing of meeting occurrence protein precipitates, stodgy, accordingly cannot an edible.

The protein content of langouste of 2. hemp hot Xiaolong is very high, because this is opposite,the crowd of protein allergy shoulds not be edible hemp hot crayfish.

3. does not eat died crayfish, many bacterium is contained in crayfish, accordinglyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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After death, many bacterium decomposes protein, can produce a large number of histamine, have send quick sex, edible is adverse to the body.

4. cannot crudely hemp hot crayfish, the likelihood has the live thing such as helminth inside, edible pumpkin is adverse to human body.

5. has Sao of bronchus asthma, rhinitis, skin the crowd of the disease such as urticant, scabies is unfavorable edible crayfish, circumstance of unwell of can aggravating body.

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