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Pure oaten we mean this kind of thing edible its method is moreLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
, we can use the methodological edible of direct bubble water, also can use the method of the milk that boil and egg, suggest everybody can understand so pure the oaten method that make. Pure oaten this kind of thing, our proper edible a few it is to conduce to us raising the bodyForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Of resistance, OK still and compensatory protein, conduce to us recuperating the digestive problem of intestines and stomach.

Pure oaten how to eat

When a lot of people eat pure oatmeal, often feel it is inferior to the other oatmeal product such as those nutrient oatmeal, tall calcic oatmeal, because this does not love,eat pure oatmeal. Little imagine, the nutrition of pure oatmeal wants than other oatmeal product nutrition tall a lot of. How does so pure oatmeal eat?

General we suggest is milk of interfuse of will pure oatmeal, egg together edible, or the edible in congee of interfuse of will pure oatmeal, such mouthfeel had been met.

Pure oaten how to eat

Milk is oaten drink

1, oatmeal and water according to 1:6scale adds pot in, boil. When boiling, want at the same time agitate is boiled at the same time.

2, the egg is smooth, put into boiler next, boil again, can involve fire.

3, fill piece, suckle cold heat into Xian Niu all but, OK and drinkable.

Comment on: Classical collocation, delicate nutrition, suit to cook breakfast very much.

Pure oaten how to eat
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Strawberry milk oatmeal

1, in putting oatmeal boiling water, boil to ropy, fill piece.

2, irruptive milk cold heat all but, agitate becomes an ox1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Grandma oatmeal.

3, fresh strawberry abluent shop is in milk oatmeal surface can. Also can go up according to shop of individual be fond of other fruits.

Comment on: Local color is distinctive, smell is sweet, suit child and female friend edible very much.

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