[the small of the back is bad to can do sit-ups] – of note of _ no-no _

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Lumbar is bad to should want those who avoid sit-ups and lumbar to pull move, had better be to let lumbar maintain enough time to undertake rest. The small of the back is bad that this is planted circumstance, undertake sit-ups, probable meeting brings about the accentuation of the illness, and go against the refreshment of lumbar, had better be to do exercise of a few drawing and balance exercise, suggest everybody had better be the remedial method that understanding is clear about the small of the back is bad so, such refreshment to lumbar are best.

The small of the back is bad to can do sit-ups

How to avoid lumbar interverbebral disc to highlight farther accentuation, if already sicken need lie in bed rests, do the exercise that can cause an abdomen to press heighten less as far as possible, for instance: Sit-ups, can make the abdomen presses accentuation, influence waist interverbebral disc is outstanding. The motion that can choose, for instance: Swim, lie smooth do can exercise a waist to carry movement of type of sarcous flying swallow on the back1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, arch waist and ride bicycle. Additional, eliminate the case that lumbar interverbebral disc is highlighted or vertebra provides stricture to fall, can do sit-ups, particular case needs to press specific reason and be decided.

The small of the back is bad to can do sit-ups

Can do do drawing exercise and balance exercise, swim for instance, gem gal, situp, canter etc. In addition, often undertake to the waist a few massage can remove the convulsion of lumbar flesh and exhaustion, can promote local blood circulation.

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. When falling to the ground because of the foot, leg ministry needs very great amortize force gift to support body stand firm, this one process meets what increase the waist directly bear force. If the small of the back is bad, bear very hard so great power, easy accentuation waist is fond of a symptom, or sprain waist. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The athletic leap sex such as tennis, basketball, badminton is very strong, bad person does not become the small of the back.

The small of the back is bad to can do sit-ups

The analysis of sit-ups movement

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, will see sit-ups again, sit-ups basically is to exercise abdominal muscle, the friends of this fitness know. Right sit-ups movement can use coxal muscle, abdominal muscle, waist muscle to wait, the human body in the process that making a motion so needs an old unit of length for measuring landShanghai night net

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Back, the result of arch one’s back gives vertebral pressure namely, of course also1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Include lumbar.

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