” civilized 6 ” the 2nd large and patulous bag ” changeable ” already rolled out now

” civilized 6 ” the 2nd large and patulous bag ” changeable ” rolled out formally in Steam platform on Feburary 14. ” civilized 6 ” ” changeable ” the player brought a vibrant heavenly body, here the player can experien爱上海同城手机版

ce the brand-new challenge with irregular change multiterminal. Among them brand-new game feature and system include environmental system, brand-new project project and the rich that use up ceaselessly, the world that lets player body be full of risk and good luck at goes meeting sealed challenge.
This expands the bag brought diplomatic victory and world parliament, here the player can poll through global cacique the change of brought global policy will get final victory. Science and technology and municipal will outsprea上海龙凤论坛

d to the possibility with prospective time brand-new open. Divide this beyond, players can undertake choosing in 8 new culture and 9 new chief, use the world of content rule the region such as brand-new unit, area, marvellous spectacle, building. “Firaxis is passed ” civilized 6 ” changeable the quality that improves game ceaselessly, bring set to the player the biggest and the patulous bag with the richest content ” , melissa Bell, senior vice president says sale of 2K whole world, “Game developed a group to exceed our anticipation, what brought to be full of climate to challenge for the player is fresh上海龙凤论坛sh1f

the world, these are the player does not have those who had experienced in civilized series game ” . “In Er of banquet heart plum ” civilized 6 ” changeable in, the world will become more vibrant ” , ed Beach, stylist of Firaxis Games presiding game says, “We feel special to excitement can think the player offers brand-new means to explore civilized world, this patulous bag will build a brand-new surveyor’s pole for the exploration attribute of politic game ” . Of Er of banquet heart plum ” civilized 6 ” ” changeable ” brand-new content: Environmental effect: Volcano erupts, storm (blizzard, sanded dust storm, tornado, hurricane) , climate change, flood and drought will make game world becomes more vivid. Electric power and drain sexual resource: Oil of strategic resource such as and colliery and but wind-force of renewable resources such as and terrestrial heat hold the balance in the position in game. These resource can be thrown now power plant, the electric power of translate into city. Project project: The player can build the improved establishment such as the canal, dikes and dams, channel and railroad, weigh the world all round model empire, overcome undesirable landform condition. World parliament: This content is in ” civilized 6 ” roll out first in series, the cry that the p上海龙凤论坛

layer can let listen respectfully of world other leader is civilized gains diplomatic victory then. 21 centuries science and technology and municipal: Science and technology and municipal tree already were extended to brand-new the 9th for generations. Brand-new cacique and civilization: Push ceremoniously from 8 9 brand-new and civilized brand-new cacique, every cacique all has distinctive addition and game kind. In addition still brought into 3 kinds of building of 4 kinds of unit of 9 kinds of characteristic, characteristic, characteristic area of 2 kinds of improved establishment, characteristic and governor of a characteristic. Brand-new scene: Changeable brought two brand-new scenes: The plaque and warlike machine. The plaque scene lets player deepness experience the pestilential disaster that sweeps across Europe at that time, guide municipal meet a challenge. Warlike machine scene is mode of game of a many person, the player can experience heart law war personally in th上海同城对对碰交友社区

is scene. More and brand-new content: New join 2 ki上海千花网论坛

nds of 5 kinds of 9 kinds of 15 kinds of 7 7 worlds marvellous spectacle, natural marvellous spectacle, improved establishment, buildings, area, cities 9 resident dot, science and technology mix 10 kinds municipal. Brand-new unit: Changeable will roll out 18 kinds brand-new what include a Xiang Pi enemy among them is unit, giant robot and megalith blast, one kind can produce the unit of addition of many travel culture in nuclear energy times. Game system aggrandizement: Improved and emissary system, join more option; to update culture and; of victory of science and technology to join brand-new other and existing system also has historical hour; much place is improved.

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