New rule of wide report game: Tussle cannot have date of liquid minor Zhang to cannot marry

Began last year in Ma上海龙凤论坛sh1f

rch, date of domestic game edition is examined and approve balk, restore edition date to examine and approve afresh till the ability end last year December, but still a large number of waiting for examine and approve game keep long in stock to be in superintendency layer. The line on net of official of total bureau of wide recently report new game work requisition, the hand will be opened inside countrywide limits on April 22 in homebred reach entrance game to examine 爱上海同城论坛

and approve. This second opened ” publish requisition of work of game of homebred computer network ” or ” publish application form of work of homebred and mobile game ” , and ” the copyright outside publication condition requisition of work of game of person accredit Internet ” , former apply to homebred PC game, mobile game, latter applies to the net of the entrance to swim. In addition, the application form of new edition is right information had complement related multinomial game, still read an opinion to raise new requirement in the light of publication unit, operation unit, publication professional, careful阿爱上海同城

. Put forward responsibility editor, editor in chief to be in charge of the demand that make, overall for refine game edition date to apply for content namel上海同城对对碰交友社区

y, aggrandizement responsibility is superintended. Note that adds newly is right also game content made more ties, specific even arrived game names, game prop system, game tussle system, game marriage system. Among them, requirement tussle system any color liquids cannot appear, include green blood, the body needs to disappear as soon as possible etc. Minor cannot be opened marry system, but can enjoy marry systematic accrual. Come along below specific understanding. In ga爱上海同城论坛

me name respect, the requir上海千花社区

ement is as follows: 1, game title is same do not allow to use English (Online, Web) , current term (exemple: ) of athletics, Shanghai athletics, the GB in must be being used follows simplified Chinese character. 2, game name should have stronger associated sex with content. 3, reject a complaint of in principle of the game that weigh a name, have the product except of accredit. In game content respect, the requirement is as follows: 1, prop is draw-out the system cannot express with draw-out probability per cent, must arrive accurately smoke a few times can medium. That is to say, know to be smoked a few times after the player can medium, won’t resemble leaning lot in that way before again, also can examine oneself case through the frequency, if the number cannot be accepted too high not lottery, this can make more game player rational consume undoubtedly, it is meddlesome to the player, need not spend injustice money again, may have nevertheless game business cried dizzy in the toilet? 2, religion cannot appear blood of superstitious, fortune-telling, green. Tussle system the liquid of any color cannot appear, the body needs to disappear as soon as possible. To this the netizen spits groove, can resemble hitting later ” scrip person ” same, hit the enemy what reaction is done not have, the game of player of this may special effect experiences. Do not know game manufacturer people how can you answer? 3, the system marries to cannot be opened in minor Zhang date. Can install not course marriage system but enjoy marry the profit that the system brings.

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