Yearly salary be exposinged to the sun makes an appointment with Mo Lei of rocket general manager 8 million dollar is less than charmer 2 million

Mo Lei of rocket general manager is the tall canal of a team that there is public praise quite in alliance all新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

the time, this year March, the new contract that the rocket arranged a by a definite date 5 years with Mo Lei add, now, a few particular cases of the contract also are divulged to come out.

According to well-known journalist mark – Stern discloses, mo Lei’s yearly salary is 8 million dollar is controlled probably.

Mo Lei begins to work in the rocket from 2007, he received in glory year in 2017-18 sports season optimal tall canal title, sports season rocket also was to hit convention of completely allied first-rate to surpass military successes on, also was to create a rocket at the same time the military successes new Gao Jilu on team history.

Nevertheless, in the contest after season, they still are grabbing 7 lis not enemy Trojan, can not prom爱上海同城

ote total final.

Additional, stern still expresses, before resembling, the president charmer of lake person makes an 上海千花网论坛

appointment with writing to inferior his yearly salary is 10 million dollar probably such, nevertheless charmer of not long ago just announced to resign the post of president of operation of basketball of lake person group.

Mo Lei is in rocket in control of is so old, had had many outstanding operations, the most significant one stake is probably from trade over there thunderbolt come over to with a ha be ascended, harden grows successfully here for covey old, receive in glory MVP, let a rocket every sports season retains competition ability.

Additional, mo Lei is choosing beautiful side also is to have not little window, for instance the card admire of the rocket is pulled even if choose pretty good beautiful, in the meantime, choose to go up in the coach Mo Lei eye also is pretty good, he invites the Dandongni that come is quit上海贵族宝贝论坛

e good operations, be in additionally trade on the near futur上海千花网

e also has introduce Paul the operation of such experience veteran.

Of course, to Mo Lei and rocket, the most important is the阿爱上海同城

success is gained in the contest after season, especially total final, total champion, after all the rocket gains the championship is to go up century the thing of 90 time.

Original title: About 8 million dollar compares yearly salary of new contract of Mo Lei exposing to the sun only charmer is little 2 million responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling

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