A landed a reason outstanding achievement that goes up greatly continuously erupt good fun still is in jian hou mian

Integrated mainstream viewpoint looks, landed a near future in A erupt, main and logistic focusing exceeds in outstanding achievement anticipate caused appraise value rehabilitate is mixed board piece annulus move, but this cannot explain very well inside room in harbor of consecutive large half an year soare.

To this the personage inside course of study expresses, need to see the market is worth the change on judgement logic to estate appraise more rear.

Landed an appraise value logic is unripe change

To real estate in field of harbor stock market rise abruptly, result from just about landed an appraise value logic is unripe c上海贵族宝贝交流区

hange this one change.

Professional point of view points out, the view that the market sums lever to supply end and demand end is occurrent change.

Will see supply end above all, new city accuses an Ou Yangjie of senior vice president to express, unlike look forward to of Hong Kong traditional room, appear on the market in harbor inside room, A appear on the market room look forward to often passes tall lever, high turnover rate to promote investment return rate.

The market thinks for a time, these enterprises at every turn the indebted rate risk of 779% is too big, although outstanding achievement is pretty good,also give out without method overmeasure value.

Ou Yangjie points out, later, the market discovers gradually, should spark the potential risk of look forward to of tall indebted room, need house price at least callback 20% , calculate inside course of study at present, this kind of possibility is not large. Since risk big probability is eliminated, appraise value also can give higher.

Look in Ou Yangjie, inside room the outstanding achievement of bibcock company goes up greatly, your market fund realizes tall lever movement also is a kind of advantage, can let an enterprise run more quickly so, outstanding achievement is better.

And the bubble that carries to demand, in also imagining so terrible.

Rich Lan Kelin is praedial investment group president Leimengdeyagebusi (Raymond J.Jacobs) points out, actually you can discover estate bubble is when what be weighed just is meet be bubble after was being defeated, in the picture that a prosperity all is before this.

Be based on this reason just about, cannot say whether Chinese estate has been put in serious bubble, but I can tell investor, chinese government has been in at present all likelihoods prevent this bubble fracture with all one’s strength, concrete step includes to be restricted to buy, be restricted to borrow etc.

Yagebusi expresses, many investor get on China’s current building city and 阿爱上海同城

Japan the scene photograph when 90 years compares the century, be anxious very much consequently, but the differentia that what Yagebusi pays close attention to more actually is both.

Above all, chinese government accuses force to want to the palm of economy, industry, industry stronger, this dot and in those days Japan is not quite same, japanese government is so strong to economic palm accuses force and be being done not have.

Next, cause cracked of bubble of Japanese house property finally in those days one big prime cause borrows money namely scale is too large, china also should be done not have at present so serious. In those days the loan that Japanese investor uses vast range, invest estate in home not only, still buy to the whole world of all kinds praedial, and at present China is in building city the scale that loan uses on investment not as good as in those days Japan, because this risk is opposite also lesser.

Outstanding achievement erupts good fun still is in jian hou mian

And the lag sex as a result of the settle accounts with real-estate peculiar industry, the benefit sky as a result of what early days adjusting control brings anticipates, have by the trend of progressively card bogus.

Organic compose 爱上海同城手机版

analyses a viewpoint to point out, year end and the sale agreement when market of the beginning of the year is most fervent this year will be centered 2017 2016 settle accounts of second half of the year.

Price of city of knot syncretic, second line maintains perch, and 3, the current situation that price of 4 lines city rises quickly, the gross profit of project of settle accounts of look forward to of room of bibcock of second half of the year新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

will be higher, net profit also can greet bigger amplitude.

Boat negotiable securities expresses in, as price rise and of credit tighten up, the market is opposite the likelihood the growing sex of estate company and gain ability heart put apprehension.

But we think, face price rise, because estate company develops fund about 55% come from sell earnings at room look forward to (deposit, beforehand gathering, individual mortgages loan and) of company own reserves, the outstanding outstanding achievement with bibcock room current look forward to will be the enough safeguard that develops after its.

Hua Qi is to express more, as a result of real estate sale of before this year 8 months and investment are behaved driving, believe annual sale expression expects have an easy time. Predict inside house industry 2017 come to will be in super gain cycle 2019, add lever, sales volume to increase power driving, and appraise value is attracted, reiterate internally room openly view.

Adjusting control or farther raise the quota

And what estate sells is hot, also caused the anticipation of adjusting control raise the quota.

Release according to national statistic bureau 2017 1 to countrywide estate development will invest in August and sale status shows, real estate goes stock plan is accelerated.

August end, area of commodity house for sale drops compared to the same period 12% , fall than going up lunar end enlarges a percent, building city inventory is achieved since January 2015 new low, only summary prep above 2014 end commodity house the for sale area of 620 million square metre.

And from statistical bureau newest the data that publish looks, house price rises although speed continues to put delay, but no matter compared to the same period, still be annulus looks than angle, 70 big in in the city, the city that house price rises still over drop.

Data shows, august 70 big in the city builds commodity house value in, annulus is 46 than the city that rise, 6 when keep balance, 68 when 18 dropping; rise compared to the same period, 2 when drop compared to the same period.

And below the big setting that rises together in price of landed industry capacity, from September since, new round adjusting control measure comes on stage again and again.

Beijing area is much recently domestic bank go up in succession interest rate of loan of tone head flatlet, after adjusting head flatlet lends interest rate the phenomenon of predominate of 5%-10% of rise of more standard interest rate.

Course of study of people silver-colored field headquarters manages a ministry 19 days to express towards evening, the room borrows interest rate to adjust is the bank carries out setting of bullish of whole of estate market adjusting control, market money rate strictly to fall in Beijing, according to asset of change of market fund level, oneself indebted management needs takes own action, accord with policy to want sue for peace to direct, course of study of silver-colored to this people field headquarters manages an active support.

And divide Beijing beyond, the area commercial bank such as near future Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing raises a flatlet to borrow interest rate level in succession, head flatlet borrows interest rate level the general appearance that 5%-10% of rise of more standard interest rate already made city of adjusting control of key of countrywide estate market.

Place produces Wei of chief analyst magnify to think in, according to head flatlet interest rate 1.1 times in light of, the cost of the loan that buy a house continues to rise, head every 1 million rooms borrow flatlet 25 days offer the history to go up to be broken through first 6000.


gnify Wei points out, adjusting control policy is to check investment and seize a chance to seek private gain, but the bank is aimed at just needing to raise interest rate is to be being restrained just needed. According to the strong price wanting a house of Beijing Shanghai, those who borrow money 25 years is firm need from in the past 8.5 fold favourable interest rate to arrive present fiducial very consummate float, although house price is reduced 8% the left and right sides, to just needing for the rose to also offset house price drops influence of interest rate.

Severe leap forward of country of easy be placed in the middle also expresses, loan policy is adjusted is big trend, follow-up meeting has more bank to join come in adjustment range.

With inspector general of department of plan advisory research Zhang Hongwei points out, according to every time new politics 6~8 of sex of effectiveness for a given period of time experience judgement of the month, after adjusting control of city of floor of much in March 2017 ground raises the price of the commodities, 9~10 month is the time window that policy of building city adjus上海千花网论坛

ting control publishs thick and fast below one round likely extremely period.

Zhang Hongwei thinks, 6~8 the sex of effectiveness for a given period of time of policy of the adjusting control after the month is reduced stage by stage, need strengthens the measure of building city adjusting control of edition to drop in temperature for building city,

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